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Pegasus is a large constellation that lies north of Pisces, west of Aries and shares a main star with Andromeda. Pegasus rises high in the early evening during the early autumn months. Pegasus is pictured as the forepart of the winged horse with his head to the south. In mythology, Pegasus arose from the blood of Medusa spilled after her death at the hands of Perseus. Said to have a white coat and golden main, Pegasus’ wings allowed him to fly. Pegasus was tamed by Minerva and given to the Muses. On their mountain Helicon, Pegasus started the Hippocrene fountain to flow with a kick from his hoof. Bellerophon was a youth who was asked to fight the Chimera, a fearsome monster that was part lion, part goat and part dragon. Bellerophon was given a golden bridal by Minerva and captured Pegasus at the well of Pirene and together defeated the Chimera. When Bellophon tried to ascend into heaven with Pegasus, Jupiter was offended and sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus who threw his rider. Pegasus continued into his celestial place while Bellophon died miserably.