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Orion is a large bright constellation that is prominent in the winter sky. Two bright star, Betelgeuse and Rigel are among the brightest stars in the sky. Two asterism are easily seen incuding Orion’s belt, a line of three equal-spaced stars and Orion’s Sword which descend from the center Belt star. Orion was said to be the son of Neptune and the nymph Euryale and was a giant and a great hunter. One story relates Orion’s hunting prowess saying that he had no fear of any animal and threatened to kill all the animals on Earth. Gaia was shocked and afraid for her creatures and sent the Scorpion to attack Orion. The Scorpion stung Orion on the heel and killed him. His place in the stars has Orion setting in fear as the Scorpion rises. Another story tells of how Orion’s hunting skill made him a favorite of the goddess Diana. Her jealous brother Apollo, seeing Orion nearly submerged during a hunt, taunted Diana to shoot an arrow through a dark blot on the water. Diane prowess with the arrow being legendary, she rose to the challenge loosing the arrow unerringly, not knowing that it was her love Orion. Diana killed Orion but placed him in the Heavens to remember him.