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Leo is a prominent constellation that is visible in the early evening during the spring months. As one of the zodiac constellations, the Sun passes through Leo from August 10 through September 16. A recognizable asterism in Leo is a group of stars called the Sickle which is shaped like a backwards question mark. The upper stars loop around the mane of the lion and are punctuated at the bottom with the bright star Regulus. In Mythology, Leo represents the Namean lion which was said to live on the Moon. Coming to the Earth as a shooting star, the lion ransacked Corinth. As the first of his 12 Labors, Hercules was challenged to slay the monster. Hercules failed using clubs and arrows, but strangled the lion with his bare hands and returned with the dead lion draped over his shoulders. Jupiter placed the lion back among the star from whence he came.