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In mythology, the Hydra was a serpent that was slain by Hercules in his Second Labor. From Bullfinch, “This monster ravaged the country of Argos, and dwelt in a swamp near the well of Amymone. This well had been discovered by Amymone when the country was suffering from drought, and the story was the Neptune, who loved her, had permitted her to touch the rock with his trident, and a spring of three outlets burst forth. Here the Hydra took up his position and Hercules was sent to destroy him. The Hydra has nine heads, of which the middle one was immortal. Hercules struck off its heads with his club, but in the place of the head knocked off, two new ones grew forth each time. At length with the assistance of his faithful servant Iolaus, he burned away the heads of the Hydra, and buried the ninth or immortal one under a huge rock.” Hydra is seen to have Crater, the Cup, and Corvus, the Raven, riding on its back. Also Sextans is located just above Hydra.