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Hercules is a prominent constellation that is best viewed in the summer. While the stars are Hercules are not particularly bright, the shape of Hercules body forms a well-known asterism, the Keystone. Hercules is shown kneeling with his head to the south. Hercules, the Strongman, was born to the mortal Alcmene, but his father was the god Jupiter. Jupiter’s wife, Juno, became jealous and sent two snakes to attack the baby Hercules. His strength was obvious even then, and he killed the two snakes. Juno later imposed a spell of madness on Hercules, and the crimes he committed under this spell placed him in service to his cousin, King Eurystheus, until he could atone for his crimes. King Eurystheus commanded that Hercules perform twelve labors in order to free himself from the guilt of these crimes.