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Draco is a large northern constellation that winds itself around the pole. Draco passes between Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, around to Cepheus before turning to nip at the heels of Hercules. Draco is best viewed in the summer months. In mythology, the dragon was one of the Titans who waged war on the Olympic gods. Minerva, goddess of wisdom, fought the dragon and grabbed it by its tail and hurled it into the heavens. The dragon became tangled in the spinning pole region and froze there. Another story concerned Hercules labor to retrieve the Apples of Hesperides. Only the giant Atlas could retrieve the apples which were guarded by a fearsome dragon, so Hercules bore the weight of the world while Atlas retrieved the apples. When Atlas returned, he intended to leave the world on Hercules shoulders. Hercules asked Atlas to take the world back so that Hercules could put a cushion on his shoulders. Atlas agreed, but Hercules reneged on his promise and left Atlas with his burden, taking the apples.