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Cygnus is located in a rich region of the Milky Way which runs the complete length of the constellation. Cygnus is bordered by Lyra on the west, Lacerta on the East, Vulpecula on the South and Cepheus on the North. Its shape depicts a flying swan or a cross and Cygnus is often called the “Northern Cross.” In mythology, Cygnus is seen as the swan that disguised Jupiter during the love affair with Queen Leda of Sparta. This union produced an egg that hatched Castor and Pollux, the famous twins of Gemini, and Helen whose abduction sparked the Trojan War. Another story saw Cygnus as Cycnus, the faithful friend of Phaethon, the son of Apollo who drove the chariot of the Sun across the sky. When Phaethon was lost control of the chariot and was destroyed, Cycnus gathered his friend’s burnt remains from the river Eridanus for proper burial and was turned into the heavenly swan in reward for his devotion.