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Cassiopeia is a bright northern constellation that is easily recognized by the distinctive “W” pattern of its stars. It is best viewed during the autumn months, but Cassiopeia is circumpolar and can be seen throughout the year. Cassiopeia was the beautiful Queen of Aethiopia who ruled with her husband Cepheus. Their daughter, Andromeda, and their son-in-law, Perseus occupy nearby constellations. When Cassiopeia boasted that her beauty was as great as the Nereids, the sea-nymphs, they took offense and set the monster Cetus to harass the coastal waters. Cepheus consulted an oracle who direct that Andromeda be chained to a rock as sacrifice to Cetus. Before the monster could claim his prize, Perseus arrived and killed Cetus, claiming Andromeda as his wife. This story is memorialized in five constellations.