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Planets Today
PlanetRiseRise AzTransitAltSetTimeSet Az
Mercury 5:20AM7112:10PM64 7:04PM289
Venus10:04AM96 3:50PM44 9:36PM264
Mars 7:08PM12511:31PM23 3:54AM235
Jupiter 1:00PM110 6:08PM3411:19PM250
Saturn 4:48PM120 9:31PM27 2:11AM240
Uranus10:37PM74 5:20AM6112:03PM286
Neptune 8:47PM98 2:27AM43 8:06AM262
Pluto 5:55PM11910:42PM28 3:24AM241
Sun 6:09AM71 1:01PM63 7:54PM289
Moon12:01PM101 5:43PM4010:47PM263
Events this Month
8/4/2018 12:18:00 PMLast Quarter Moon
8/8/2018 8:06:00 PMMercury in inferior conjunction with the Sun
8/11/2018 3:58:00 AMNew Moon
8/17/2018 4:38:00 AMMoon is 4.51° North of Jupiter
8/17/2018 11:31:00 AMVenus reaches 45.9° East of the Sun
8/18/2018 1:48:00 AMFirst Quarter Moon
8/21/2018 3:38:00 AMMoon is 2.13° South of Saturn
8/22/2018 1:10:00 PMMoon is 1.41° South of Pluto
8/26/2018 5:56:00 AMFull Moon
8/26/2018 2:34:00 PMMercury reaches 18.3° West of the Sun
8/27/2018 4:11:00 AMMoon is 2.46° North of Neptune
8/30/2018 8:42:00 PMMoon is 4.93° North of Uranus
This month's Moon Calendar shows the current phases.
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293031Waning GibbousWaning GibbousWaning GibbousThird Quarter
Waning CrescentWaning CrescentWaning CrescentWaning CrescentWaning CrescentWaning CrescentNew Moon
New MoonWaxing CrescentWaxing CrescentWaxing CrescentWaxing CrescentWaxing CrescentWaxing Crescent
First QuarterWaxing GibbousWaxing GibbousWaxing GibbousWaxing GibbousWaxing GibbousWaxing Gibbous
Full MoonWaning GibbousWaning GibbousWaning GibbousWaning GibbousWaning Gibbous1