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Planetary Rise Times

You can view the Rise Times for the planets on this page. Simply select the date you wish to view and the data will be shown.

The times shown are for the Sugar Grove Observatory, so these are very close to the actual times throughout central Ilinois.

Select the Date

PlanetRiseRise AzTransitAltSetTimeSet Az
Mercury 6:19AM11611:09AM30 3:59PM244
Venus 6:50AM12011:29AM27 4:08PM240
Mars 3:04AM106 8:24AM37 1:44PM254
Jupiter 3:50AM110 9:00AM35 2:09PM250
Saturn 7:29AM12012:09PM27 4:49PM240
Uranus 1:08PM78 7:41PM59 2:18AM282
Neptune11:29AM100 5:03PM4210:38PM260
Pluto 8:46AM118 1:29PM28 6:13PM242
Sun 7:14AM12111:53AM26 4:32PM239
Moon 6:26AM11511:29AM30 4:29PM244